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Basic SEO tips guide: boost leads and sales with a customer feedback survey.

May 17th, 2013 by Erik Baeumlisberger

A customer feedback survey can help you understand your customers and improve both conversion rates and the quality of your website content.

Why customer feedback surveys are important

Find out how in this basic SEO tips guide from The Search Guru.  

Producing the best possible content for your website starts with knowing what your customers want to read. Rather than assuming you know what your customers want, why not ask?

A customer feedback survey can quickly answer the question, “What do my customers want to see on my website?” and give you a competitive edge over others in your space that may be relying on guesswork and over relying on keyphrase research to drive their SEO content strategy.

How to choose the right type of customer feedback survey

First, begin by choosing your audience, your contact method and your survey goals.

Audience members may be:

  • Past customers
  • Current business prospects
  • Members of an email or newsletter list

Contact methods may be:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Website

Sample goals may be:

  • Lowering your shopping cart abandon rate
  • Improving your conversion rate
  • Increasing social shares of articles and blog posts

Once you’ve defined your audience, contact method and goal, choose a survey type such as:

  • On entrance
    This type of survey asks website visitors if they will complete a survey upon entering a website. This type of survey is good for gathering many different types of information.
  • On exit
    This type of survey asks website visitors if they will complete a survey upon exiting a website. This type of survey is good for learning why shopping carts are abandoned, why customers visited your site (just browsing, price comparison shopping or looking for free shipping) and why customers decided to purchase your goods and /or services over those advertised by your competitors.
  • Persistent
    This type of survey exists as a fly out box (usually with the label Feedback) docked to an edge or as a carrot stuck in the corner of your browser window. At any point during your customers’ browsing session (and on any page) your customers can leave feedback. This type of survey is good for gathering feedback when and where you customers want to leave it (on any page and at any point in their browsing session) rather than just on entrance or exit.
  • Direct
    This type of survey is best for figuring out what past customers, current prospects and social media fans / followers want to see on your site. Since you already have contact information (in the form of an email address or Facebook / Twitter user name) you can create targeted surveys and track delivery.
  • Creating a customer feedback survey is easier than you think

    Each survey can be as simple or complicated as you like. According to website analytics guru Avinash Kaushik there are three important questions you should ask, but you can tailor your survey as you see fit.

    Here are just a few ways to create a customer feedback survey:

    • Ask a question and collect responses via a Facebook poll
    • Create a web-based survey with the free version of Survey Monkey
    • Add a free WordPress plug-in such as WordPress Simple Survey
    • For on entrance, on exit and persistent surveys, you can start with the free version of iPerceptions.

    That’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading this basic SEO tips guide on customer feedback surveys  from The Search Guru.

    For more basic SEO tips and a free SEO gift session, please contact The Search Guru today or let us know how we can contribute to your search engine success in the comments below!

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