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Increase web site traffic & dazzle potential leads. Know how? Create a video!

June 28th, 2010 by JD Drake

Looking for a great way to increase web site traffic and to show potential leads how you can help them? If so, create a video.

If you don’t know a lot about video and editing, don’t worry. Making simple edits to your videos is a breeze.

Before we get started talking about editing, here is more helpful how-to information:

Ready to start editing? Here are easy video editing techniques for all of your web videos.

There are several inexpensive or free video editing software options with easy video editing tools that you can use to produce professional looking web content. Examples include:

  • iMovieiMovie is an editing software tool that comes standard on any new Apple computer. It provides more impressive looking transitions and graphics than most free video editing software, which results in a stronger video quality.
  • Windows Movie MakerWindows Movie Maker is one of the video editing programs that come standard on any new Windows PC with Vista or Windows 7.
  • YouTube – This June, YouTube launched free video editing software you can access entirely online. The tool allows you to trim video clips, place them in the order that you want, add titles and music and instantly upload them to your YouTube account.

All three of these video editing programs are simple to learn, allowing you to organize and create a video in an easy to navigate timeline. The steps for easy video editing are similar regardless of the editing tool you choose:

1. Establish in your head a rough outline of the story you want your video to tell.

2. Select the video clips you want to use for your video.

3. Drag and drop your video clips into the timeline in the order you want them in your final video. Do not worry about opening or closing credits, transitions or music at this point.

4. Preview what you have so far. As you watch, make note of things you may want to change. With some clips, you may want to start them later or end them sooner; or, you may want to move some clips around or even divide up a clip and move the footage throughout the timeline. Then, use the software’s editing tools to make those changes. Repeat the process until you are happy with your video.

5. Now you can add titles, music and transitions. All three of these can be easily dragged and dropped where you want them in the timeline and adjusted just like the video clips. To add music, simply drag the music file you would like to use into the audio timeline (usually located directly below your video timeline), then trim it and move it so it plays underneath the video that you want.

6. Once you are happy with the video, publish it as a video file onto your computer. It may take several minutes to publish. Your computer is not slow; that is normal. The file is now ready to upload to YouTube.

Like all things, learning how to create video with these video editing programs will take a little bit of time and trial and error, but not much. By using these simple techniques and a little bit of creativity, you will be a video pro in no time.

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