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Trade magazines are business publications specifically targeted for people in a certain industry. Kelly Boyer Sagert shares how to write for them in her new article, Hidden Gems: Publishing in Trade Magazines.

AdWords Qualified Professional

2013 was a very good year for our clients: average ROI of $9.36

Search engine optimization marketing is a key component in our clients’ overall marketing efforts – and, in 2013, our clients averaged an overall return on investment of $9.36 for every dollar that went to search engine optimization.

More specifically, our clients saw these results, on average:

  • Organic search traffic up by 28%, outpacing total site traffic growth of 18%
  • Organic search sales up by 39%, outpacing total site traffic growth of 14%
  • Organic search conversion rates up by 16%, outpacing total site conversion rate growth of 5%

The Search Guru FY2013 Client Performance

Mini-case study #1: luxury goods retailer enjoyed outstanding holiday season

During the summer and fall of 2013, a luxury goods retailer partnered with The Search Guru to consult on a site redesign. Their goal was to be fully prepared for the 2013 holiday season – and results were impressive:

  • Holiday season non-paid search engine sales up 51%
  • Holiday season non-paid search engine traffic up 39%
  • Cyber Monday non-paid organic search sales up 60%
  • Cyber Monday non-paid organic search traffic up 31%

Mini-case study #2: higher education organization sees success after technical site improvements

The Search Guru consulted with a higher education organization with campuses in 15 states. After just five months of work, Q4 results came in significantly higher than previous year levels. Highlights include:

  • Total search engine conversions up 39% year over year
  • Q4 search engine visits up 21% year over year
  • Non-branded search engine visits up 48% year over year

Mini-case study #3: Fortune 500 company sees social shares and signals climb

When we conducted a social media audit of our client’s accounts after Q4 of 2013, we found that this Fortune 500 client:

  • gained more fans than either of their top two competitors
  • had more people “talking about this” than either of their top two competitors
  • had their top post receive 8 times as many likes as a top competitor’s top post and 22 times as many likes as a top competitor’s top post

Editorial content written and promoted by The Search Guru received, on average, 29% more social shares than content produced in-house.

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